SONO Shopify Meetup

We had the pleasure of co-hosting a recent Shopify Meetup at Sono Spaces, a coworking space founded by Karl Heine, located in South Norwalk.

The discussion began with our founder, Debra Lutsky, explaining the science of digital design.


“Being good-looking isn’t as
superficial as it sounds.”

When it comes to the merging of functionality and design, creating the perfect balance is key. When someone enters your site, you want it to be uncomplicated, instantly recognizable & user friendly.

The conversation transitioned into improving your SEO with Dale Bertrand, founder of Fire&Spark, a digital marketing agency based in Boston. Dale shared some interesting case studies and updates Google has made recently to their programming.


Justin Porter, founder of Text Connects, a digital development company, closed out the meetup. He discussed back-end development steps to speed up your site. Site load time is a major factor when it comes to user success.


We ended the meetup with questions and networking. The DRP team had a great time meeting so many new businesses and providing insight on how to grow their eCommerce channels.

Come meet us at our next event on June 25th in Boston!

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