Get To Know DRP Graphic Designer

Meet Kelly Neaton

Kelly has been a Graphic Designer and animator at DRP for the last year. She earned her bachelors degree in Graphic Design at Keene State College with a minor in Studio Art.

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What was your first job? What skills from that job do you use today?

My first job was refereeing little league soccer when I was 13. I learned a lot about accountability and leadership. Waking up early on the weekends to teach and assist kids with the fundamentals of playing a sport was extremely rewarding.

My first design related job was an internship my senior year in high school with a start up called The Verge Awards. At first, I thought it was only to fulfill school credits, but I quickly realized I was wrong. Assisting the graphic designer with projects such as logo design, advertisements, and website design; I realized I had a strong passion. This sculpted my decision to accomplish a design degree in college.  

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I don’t even know where to start…The projects I work on are so fun! I have been wanting to push my animation skills and this job has been the perfect opportunity to do so. I knew I wanted to work in the beauty and fashion industry but didn’t like the idea of living in a big hectic city, so Digital Retail Partners has been a great fit for me. You can not find another design company like this in Connecticut. The cherry on top are my coworkers. Working remotely three days a week, I find myself looking forward to the days we are together because I love everyone’s company, it is like we are all a family.

Tell us about someone who has inspired you or helped you along the way? How has that person impacted your work today?

Can I say more than one person? I grew up with five older brothers and they have always been my inspiration. They never once treated me like I was less capable of doing anything they could do, even if that meant tackling me while playing backyard football. They showed me that I am an equal and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

What is something you wish you’d known before entering your line of work?

I wish I knew after graduating college how hard it would be to find a position with little to no experience. It isn’t easy to take rejection after rejection personally and get down on yourself. I wish I had someone to reassure me that I am fully capable to have a successful career in graphic design and that I cannot give up. I am so thankful Deb took a shot on me and brought me into her team. This job has given me so much confidence in my design and animation skills and I can’t wait to see them develop even further in the future.

Fun Fact:

Kelly's family purchased a lake house in New Hampshire in 2004 where she picked up the hobby Wakeboarding and has been loving it ever since.


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