Get To Know DRP Founder

Meet Debra Lutsky

She is a highly-sought-after designer and e-commerce expert for some of today’s best-known brands. But the brand that she’s most proud to work with is Digital Retail Partners, the online retail and branding agency she launched five years ago.


What was your first job? What skills from that job do you use today?

My first job ever was when I was 13 and worked at a fast food stop at the summer fairgrounds in California. But that doesn't count!

My first real job after graduating college was working for a small branding agency in Greenwich, Connecticut. I consider that job to be my 5th year of school since I truly learned the fundamentals of how design agencies operate, working with real clients, budgets, and timelines. I use all of these practices in my business today.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I am very passionate about design in general. I just gravitate to anything design related whether it is a beautiful website, interior, packaging or even video. This makes my job easier because I love what I do. I consider the main component of running a business that offers professional services is helping other businesses. I truly enjoy helping start-ups launch and established businesses grow.

Tell us about someone who has inspired you or helped you along the way? How has that person impacted your work today?

I have had so many wonderful mentors, friends, and colleagues help me to get this business started but my biggest inspiration and supporter has been my husband, Adam.

As an entrepreneur as well, he helped me take the first step to apply for my LLC and open a business bank account. He shared years of business wisdom but more importantly convinced me even on bad days that I could do this. Two years ago he joined the company as our director of operations and continues to support me everyday to run this business.

What is something you wish you’d known before entering your line of work?

It is incredibly important as an entrepreneur to still make time for yourself.

Starting a business is all encompassing and it definitely impacts your personal life but it is crucial to recharge your batteries, take breaks, and a step back every once in a while to continue to stay inspired.

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