Alignment Between Your Offline & Online Strategy

1. Take your store on the road

Fairs, events, conventions, and markets where you can set up a pop-up store.

2. Encourage in-store reviews

Offer 20% off their next purchase if they log in to their Google account on your in-store tablet and place a review at that very moment.

3. Release Seasonal Merchandise

Think: Starbucks regularly use seasonal products to create interest in their products. 


4. Partner with complementary retailers

Do some research into other local businesses that may be a good fit, come up with a compelling partner offer, and start promoting each other’s businesses.


5. In-store Pickup or Same-day delivery

• User can order online and pickup in store 

• Offer Free Gift Wrapping

• Setup a coffee bar to encourage customers to come in, stay and shop!

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6. Product Placement

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  • Group related items and place them in the same section.

  • Utilize multiple shelves and give prominence to your best-selling and highest margin products at eye level.

  • Analyze the typical walk-flow of your customers and place your best-selling and highest margin product categories in the most trafficked areas of your store.

  • For products that generate a lot of revenue, but are low cost for customers, place them near the checkout.

7.  Use proximity marketing with beacons

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If a customer is in the proximity of your store, has Bluetooth enabled on their smartphone, and has downloaded the right retail apps, you can send them highly targeted notifications when they are literally feet away.

8. Run in-store contests

Contests, online and off, are a proven formula for customer engagement and lead generation. Use a tablet to capture entries in person.

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