The Magic of Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2015 Update

By Belle Mach, Guest Blogger and Designer


Few companies are as synonymous with the creative market right now as Adobe, so when the company announced the release of their newest software updates, (the 2015 Creative Cloud Suite) creatives across the world bowed to Adobe Almighty once again. This time however, there was more in-store for Adobe’s avid users than even they could have expected. Fan favorite programs like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, and InDesign CC all got seriously powerful overhauls when it came to their updates, new apps were created for IOS and Android systems, and AdobeStock was introduced. This new update is Adobe’s most comprehensive to date; boasting extensive updates for desktop, tablet, and mobile as well as introducing a gallery of 40+ million stock images, Adobe is setting itself up to corner the creative market in all areas, and as its intro video explains, changing the way the creative world works.

Updates: Unique but crucial updates to individual programs help users be more productive with their time projects, while the new Creative Cloud as a whole is focused on being easily accessible and connected across all platforms. This means that a project started on your phone, can be accessed and worked on with a tablet, and then finished up and shipped out from your desktop or laptop, all without losing a pixel thanks to the Adobe CreativeSync feature.

What’s New: Adobe Shape allows you to capture vector images from the real world and bring them into illustrator to create posters, book covers, whatever your heart desires! This gives creators that like to have a hands-on approach to their designs the ability to have more of their creative thumbprint riddled throughout their work. Adobe Comp allows for easy comp creation with just the touch of a finger on a tablet display. The finger drawings are converted into vectors, and the designs can then easily be sent to and finished in InDesign CC. Adobe Stock is probably the most exciting new development to the Adobe family, it’s included in the 2015 CC Update or can be purchased separately. It boasts a gallery or 40 Million stock items like photographs, vector images, and illustrations that you can search, purchase, and manage within your account. Adobe acquired the mostly European used stock content provider Fotolia back in January and is now using the platform as a way to provide users with access to stock content, as well as allowing photographers to sell their images. As Julia Sagar, Commissioning Editor of Creative Bloq notes, “Adobe says it will offer industry-leading rates, while giving creatives access to a global community of stock content buyers.”  Adobe’s own Senior VP of Digital Media, David Wadhwani explains, “Our customers are some of  the best photographers and designers on the planet and will have the opportunity to contribute millions of new photos and images to Adobe Stock.  This is really going to raise the bar in the world of stock content.”

With all of these incredible developments happening within Creative Cloud in the last two weeks there’s only two things creatives can be thinking: 1.) it’s going to be a great summer and 2.) What will they (or should that be, could they?) introduce next?!